Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Craving some Flux

My birthday is in December,  but it is never to early to start assembling your birthday gift list right? I hope I am not the only one that does that. Admit it. You do too...

So #1 for me on my birthday list this year is a bag from Flux Productions. Ryan Greer, the designer and owner set up shop this summer with a booth at the Brooklyn Flea Market. His bags and wallets are handcrafted from leather or cork, and I love the prints he puts on clothing. The aesthetic reads as beach chill and I am all about that. The prints for men and women effortlessly cool, simple and subdued. He even has a banner with a print of Rockaway Beach. The leather and cork is uber soft and there are nice details like rope handles and pockets that enhance the product so much.

If you happen to find the Flux booth at the Flea market and Ryan is there he is ever so nice to talk to and is happy to tell you about his crafting process and why he chooses the colors he does. For example turquoise was introduced for the summer to add some pop. 

Aside from the flea, Flux sells on etsy or you can contact Mr. Greer directly through his website to see how you can acquire one of these beautiful pieces to add to your collection. And for those of you that want to get my birthday presi out of the way, I will take one of everything please!!!!!!!!

For more information, visit

Flux booth at the Brooklyn Flea market

check out the rope handle on the turquoise bag

some chic wallets

These shoes are meant to be for the boys, but I think any stylish lady could work them.

more goods

Ryan Greer in front of the Rockaway beach print manning the Flux booth.


  1. I want the turquoise rope bag...and if only the shoes had heels (so i could just fool everyone a little while longer into believing I was taller than 5'4")...

  2. Ha, you can always find an amazing cobbler to turn them into stacked espadrilles... ditto on the turquoise rope bag!