Monday, July 25, 2011

BrOoklYn FleA FuN

New York is in the midst of a heat wave and to cope I have spent every free moment (awake and asleep) at the beach or laying in front of my window unit AC. On Sunday however I decided to brave the humidity and sun and spend some time in my neighborhood. My gal Laura and I walked over to the Brooklyn Flea Market on the waterfront of the East River to browse, peoplewatch, and escape feeling trapped in our apartments. Seems like I was not the only one.  While I have seen the market a bit more crowded on other weekends, it was nice to see so many people and puppies out.  Enjoy the pics below.

Saltie is one of my fave sandwich spots in the hood, nice to see them represent at the Flea.

Do I need these?

loved this framed map

I fell in love with this needlepoint. You know I love my futbol!!!!!!

East River Ferry coming back to dock.

Thanks for visiting. Stay Cool!!!

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  1. we should have asked how much the futbol art was! lovely post!