Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Moth Event at Summerstage

Hello, just a quick little post about last night. A few years ago, some friends in NYC introduced me to The Moth story slam and I was instantly hooked. I have been lucky to get into every Moth slam I have waited online for (those lines sometimes compare to the lines for the Alexander Wang sample sales...). 

Every slam has a different theme and storytellers tell their tales that best interpret that theme. Those brave enough to share all have a different approach so stories range from hilarious to melancholic, and heartwarming to frustrating, etc. Even the duds (the boring "bedtime" stories as I like to call them) have a redeeming entertaining quality to them.

Last night, the Moth was held in Central Park. The theme was big night and though the night brought no big revelations for me, it was a lovely way to spend the evening with friends...

we had a great picnic spot!

Our little feast

Laura can't decide between red or white...
The host for the night Andy Borowitz shares his big night

For more information on how to listen to more stories, visit

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

CraftyPants visit Williamsburg

I love crafting. I also love supporting other crafters. Recently the Renegade Craft Fair set up shop in my neighborhood. Although the day was very rainy. The Downtown Dolls and I braved the drizzle and downpour to check out the wares from these talented folks. Have a looksie and let me know if you see anything you like.

Digby & Iona booth. This booth was set up in such a cute way, I just wanted to stay and hang out in there. 

some of the Downtown Dolls chatting between booths

jewelry by Jenny Topolski.

i loved these honeybee charms. The designer received them from a Greenpoint bee keeper and cast them in resin.

artwork by Canadian artist Jack Dylan.
Jack with his artwork.

Horrible Adorables by crafter Jordan Elise

I thought these were soooo cute!

Can't wait for the next one.

Beach Daze

Oh the New York summer. So enjoyable and fun. Endless outdoor concerts, films, festivals, rooftop bbq's, and sample sales to help one forget about the high levels of humidity and heat. Sometimes you just need a beach escape with a few friends...

Evan poured his beer into his old coffee cup to be inconspicuous

yummy foam

beach blanket

Leah and Mateo snackin

soakin up the sun

Cheers guys, hoping there are many more beach days for everyone this summer!