Wednesday, March 23, 2011

lunch date

Met up with my good friend Tyler for lunch yesterday at Soho Park. For some reason I was craving a veggie burger.

Tyler works as a stylist and we have always shared our love of mixing streetwear, designer labels, and yummy food.

After lunch we walked around for a bit and I pointed out INA, the consignment store that I found this dress in. When I spotted this piece a few months ago, I considered it but did not think it was for me and left it behind, but just like a hot encounter with a boy that is no good, I could not stop thinking about it and returned a week later to snag it. I was worried that the dress being a bigger size would make me look frumpish but once I put it on I fell for it and I actually love how the bagginess adds to the playfulness and spirit of the dress. My long hair is hiding the large round silver buttons that adorn the right shoulder.

Dress: Sonia Rykiel
Purple tights: DKNY
black lace-ups with heel: vintage Ferragamo
bowtie used as headband: Lanvin for H&M

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty's Prep

Hello,  I woke up late today and in a mad dash to get ready for work I remembered it was St. Patrick's Day and that I needed to have some green in the ensemble to avoid a pinch and, well, to just be festive.

While normally I would have opted for something with more green in it. My eyes fell on this fun preppy striped dress hanging in my closet. Additionally, today was an especially warm day for March in NYC so I thought it was appropriate to bust out this little soft season (fall and spring) number.

When I spotted this dress in the thrift store, the length was a bit off-putting. It came down to my calves but I knew a hem with a blind stitch would do just the trick. 

jersey striped tennis dress: Vintage Lacoste from Stella Dallas, Williamsburg New York
brown oxford shoes with black laces: vintage Bally from Artists and Fleas Market, Williamsburg New York
dove grey tights: Hue at Madewell 

Happy St. Patricks Day

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A tout a l'heure chocolat

So I was informed that today is the first day of lent. I am not catholic nor a religious person but I do enjoy giving myself a challenge every now and again. So lent is my opportunity to avoid something or cut it out for 46 days (wow  that seems like such a long time...).  After giving it a good long think, mmm 30 minutes, I decided to challenge myself to avoid chocolate for the next month and a half.

Friends, this will be a very difficult challenge indeed. I must inform you that whenever chocolate is presented to me in any form,  I never shy away and always accept a piece, sip, or nibble. Unfortunately the temptation is all around me. So if you see me out there and it looks like I may give in and cave, please come to my aide and steer me away from the dark (and milk).

Thank goodness Lent falls after the City Bakery Hot Chocolate Fest.

City Bakery Hot Chocolate Fest 2011

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hoping this puts a spring in your step

March is here which means the cold NY winter is hopefully beginning to make its exit. To keep my spirits high and remind me of what is to come, I like to get a selection of random flowers from different markets or bodegas and put them in mason jars around my apartment. The flowers breathe life into my dwelling and are a constant reminder to stop and take time to smell the roses.