Tuesday, August 16, 2011

a ViSit HoME

Most New Yorkers are transplants from somewhere else. I have called Brooklyn my permanent residence for the past six years but I still keep a place in my heart for my hometown in the southwest. I went home for a little visit recently and wanted to share some of my views, indulgences, and adventures from the desert...

good food and wine with some southwest ambience
can you spot the desert creature?
nom nom nom, a feast from one of my fave mexican joints                                                     
mint chip Thrifty's ice cream

thrifting with Yuki, should she have bought this coat?
my $9 thrift score, baby blue/leopard print pony hair flats
meeting new little friends wherever I go
Yuki, Heard museum exhibit designer, gave me a personalized tour


Local band Sister Cities sounded amazing.

mural outside of the Rhythm Room                                                                                                  
 A short but sweet visit. Always so much to do, so many people to see, so many burritos to eat and so little time. 

One last note, I highly recommend checking out the band Sister Cities, they put on a great show and I liked their tunes. Visit their facebook page HERE...

Let me know what you think and tell em Poppsiecoq sent ya.

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